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If you don’t want compromising pictures of yourself to get into the wrong hands, the best advice is to not take those compromising pictures in the first place. That’s the unfortunate truth of the internet. It is a wonderful tool that allows the limitless spread of information, but at the cost of spreading literally everything.

You can hide behind layers of security and encryption, but if you’re a popular target, those walls will eventually come crashing down. If you’re a well known person, don’t take that risk, it’s just not worth it in the end. Put your phone away, and put your clothes back on; that’s the best security advice I can give.


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After many months of planning and thinking and talking to my girlfriend, I’ve decided to move to Arizona with her. I’m tired of living in NYC. This city never really appealed to me, and I always felt annoyed by it. I’m tired of the ridiculous rent and gas prices here. I don’t want to pay $1400 a month to live in a closet or live with five roommates. I don’t want to feel like a sardine in a tin can every time I take public transit here. I’m bored of the metal scene here, it’s pretty outdated for the most part. Everything is overpriced here, and people are just unfriendly assholes for the most part. I hate the cold, the rain, and the humidity here. I hate being in such an overpopulated, crowded place.

I’m just not happy in NYC anymore. The nightlife and city life here don’t really appeal to me. I’m not a drinker or a partier, nor do I care about fancy food. I have literally nothing keeping me here, so why should I stay here? That’s why in early March I’m packing all my things into a small car and a U-Haul and driving to Phoenix, Arizona. I can get a decently large house there for like $800 a month, and gas there is always about 50 cents cheaper. I’ve been saving up to move for a few months now, so I won’t be fully broke when I arrive there. Once I get there with my girlfriend, we’ll start a new life there. I’ll meet new people, get a new job, and record new bands. I’m excited for the future.

*Life is too short to spend it living somewhere you hate.* If you feel unsatisfied with your current location, then move! It’s a big country out there, surely you can find your place under the sun.

Thoughts on iOS 7, aka Android 4.2

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Earlier today, Apple announced iOS 7, and aside from me being appalled at how poorly executed the design was, I was also completely taken aback by how blatantly stolen a lot of the new “features” are. “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Apparently that’s Apple’s new business motto now. Let’s go into detail, shall we? Read on to see what Apple has lifted from Android 4.2. Continue reading

Another Four Years

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A few days ago, Election Day happened, and Obama won re-election and will run a second term… Not too happy about that. Mitt Romney seemed like the genuinely better candidate in the race, but people voted based on little unimportant policy bits rather than on economic/foreign policy (where Mitt was clearly more experienced). What’s even more annoying are the people who voted for Obama based solely on his skin color, without knowing a single word of his policies. Ignorant voting like that has to be stopped somehow, otherwise it becomes just a racial thing rather than based on actual qualifications.

There are two small bits of good news though: 1. This is Obama’s second and last term. Even if he tries to get rid of the term limit, he would never be able to gain Congressional approval to do it. 2. The House Of Representatives still has a solid Republican majority, so hopefully they can help prevent dreadful pieces of legislation (like Obamacare) from passing. Obama won’t get anything done in the coming four years, but that’s still far better than allowing him to get things done. Because Obama getting things done means destroying the USA with his idiotic reforms.

I can’t wait for the 2016 election already, I want to see this clown leave office for good. In fact, why should campaigning wait until 2015/2016 to start? I think it’d be a great advantage to start the primaries now, so that the candidates can thoroughly cover every state instead of just the handful of swing states. I think that’s definitely part of why Mitt lost, he didn’t campaign enough in certain states like Pennsylvania which could have shifted the balance in his favor. Maybe he should’ve passed through New York too, because this election was extremely close unlike previous ones where New York was always a landslide liberal victory.

But hey, in the meantime Obama can make us all equal. *Equally unemployed, that is.*

Stupid Things Smartphone Users Need To Stop Doing

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Now that smartphones have become nearly ubiquitous in the US (and many other developed countries), it’s time to discuss what people are doing wrong with them. From what I’ve seen, a lot of people that own smartphones tend to be rather… dumb about using them (ha!). Here’s what I’ve seen over the course of a year or two. Keep in mind that while I use Android, this can apply to Blackberry, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, etc. Continue reading

The Dreadful Future Of Smartphones

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Smartphones are everywhere now, every other person has one (whether it’s iOS or Android), and they are reaching new levels of performance, size, and affordability. What bothers me is the recent lack of variation in smartphone form factors. Every new phone coming out nowadays usually follows the same formula: large screen (usually over 4 inches), several buttons under the screen, camera on the back, volume buttons on the side. While this is a time-tested design that caters to most people, I feel like the major smartphone manufacturers have all but forgotten physical QWERTY keyboards. Continue reading

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