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WordPress 3.8, Looking Good!

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The WordPress team has really knocked it out of the park with version 3.8. While nothing on the front-end changed, the backend has been radically redesigned. Finally, WordPress feels like a cohesive web app instead of a mess. Everything is now neatly organized, and the interface elements are all consistent now. The new icon font makes for a fantastic looking interface. The new backend layout is now fully responsive, meaning I no longer need to use an app to update my sites on the go. I spend most of my time at my web design job staring at WordPress, so this is a pleasant update indeed.

And speaking of updates, I’ve been really thinking of a new design for this blog. I know I don’t write a ton on here, but it’s really fun designing for myself, with no deadlines or guidelines to follow. So yeah, keep an eye out for that.

Small But Great Update

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Updating software can often be a chore, and sometimes brings less-than-desired results. But often an update will bring small UI tweaks, and those are the kind of updates I enjoy seeing the most. Today, I updated Chrome (my browser of choice) and initially it appeared to be the same thing, so I assumed it had under-the-hood updates. But then I went to go close a tab and saw this wonderful little gem:

Chrome Close Tab Button

I don’t design as much as I used to, but I can still appreciate little UI tweaks like these. Before this update, the close button would just have a gray circle upon hovering. I feel like changing the hover color to red definitely reinforces the fact that it’s a close button. I can’t say I’ve tested this scientifically, but I feel like I’ve closed less tabs accidentally because the red color is a bit more noticeable than the existing gray color. And they even included a little drop shadow on the X, lovely. Almost makes me want to design again…

The New Myspace

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Ladies and gentlemen, we might just have the next new thing here. The Myspace of old is completely gone, fully redesigned and repurposed. Imagine the best bits of Facebook,, Grooveshark, and Pinterest combined into one slick entity. Gone is the ugly web 1.0 design, replaced by clean sans-serifs, large images, and a super clever side-scrolling design. Preview it after the jump. Continue reading

How To Make A Successful Tumblr Theme

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So you’ve finally made yourself a Tumblr blog; now that you’ve passed the super-challenging signup process you want to maybe stick out from the other billion Tumblrs, right? It’s pretty easy, actually. First look for the most popular theme out there, and install it. After you’ve installed it, you can customize it, and that’s where the fun begins. Continue reading


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I finally got around to finishing the redesign I started in August. Progress was slow indeed, what with me totally ignoring this place for a couple of months, but it’s finally finished. I’m really pleased with how it came out, I plan on keeping this design for a while. Continue reading

The Future of Z-Up


For those who don’t know, Z-Up is a free public file uploader I launched in mid-2008. It’s been redesigned several times throughout the years, but the idea’s remained the same. Upload a file, get a link, done. It never really got much traction amongst the public, being used mostly for uploading dicks and stick figures to forums. However, it has proved to be a useful tool for my own purposes, my own little cloud, if you will. Continue reading

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