Apple will reveal the iPhone 6, which while nice, will be fairly routine and expected, no thanks to a million leaks. However, it’s the iWatch (or whatever it’ll be called) that I’m most intrigued by. Unlike most of its iPhone updates, we barely know anything about the iWatch, and that’s what makes it so exciting.

I don’t plan to buy a smartwatch, but knowing Apple, they’ll make me want one. Plenty of manufacturers have been hammering out smartwatches like there’s no tomorrow, but I’m confident that Apple will make them all look like jokes. Based on the intense secrecy, special presentation venue, and being a completely new product, this will be *huge*. The last time Apple was this secretive was in 2007 before they announced their iPhone. Smartphones had existed prior to the original iPhone’s launch, but the iPhone was announced and made all of them obsolete in less than two hours. Blackberry, Microsoft, and Palm may have been laughing, but two of them are dead at this point— the iPhone got the last laugh.

I believe this iWatch will be as groundbreaking as the original iPhone. It’s typical Apple; waiting until the right time to come into a market and conquer it. They have the manufacturing capabilities, their own processors, a Sapphire glass factory, and some of the best industrial designers in the world. The timing could not be any more right.

Pun totally intended.

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