No More Break

It’s long been a blogging tradition to have a little excerpt of the blog post on the front page, with a “read more” link to continue reading the full post. I had this system going on here for a little bit as well, but as of this year I’ve stopped doing it completely. Why? It’s an archaic remnant from the for-profit blog era, where making visitors click through would allow them to see more ads, and thus would generate more revenue for the blog owner.

Online advertising has changed greatly since then, and unless you have targeted ads like Fusion/The Deck, there’s little point to having ads on your blog unless you’re some viral/meme blog. I haven’t had ads on this blog in a very long time, so it just seemed a little stupid to have “read more” links for no real reason. Sure, the home page looks tidier with only excerpts, but this site is primarily a blog, with no other purpose, so why hide the content?

That being said, I’ll be going through the older posts and removing all the “read more” links. Unfortunately I did not have the foresight to make automatic excerpts, so I have a whole bunch of posts to manually edit. Oh well. It’ll make writing easier from now on, because I won’t have to think about where to split a post. No more unnecessary interruptions.

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