Leaving For A Long Time

After several setbacks, mechanical issues with my car, and snow-related delays, I’m finally heading out west to Phoenix tomorrow with my longtime girlfriend Maddie. Spending my last day at home has definitely been rather sad, I feel slightly homesick already. My parents are pretty bummed about it too, but they’ve been mostly supportive of it so far, and Maddie’s parents have been cool with it too. I know we just have to get out now while we still don’t have too many belongings or too many connections here in NYC.

At around 6am tomorrow we’re leaving my house with all of our belongings in the car, then we’re driving non-stop until we reach Columbus, Ohio, where we’ll be hanging out with a cool dude (more on that after the trip). Then we’re making a quick drive to Cincinnati where we’ll be spending the night with an old high school friend of ours that lives there. After that, we’re spending the night with a producer buddy who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. From there it’s straight to Phoenix. Right now I estimate it will take 4-5 days to make the trip, but we’ll see what happens.

We already have a temporary place to stay that rents on a weekly basis with some cool perks like a pool, wi-fi, and fully furnished rooms. It’s a little like a hotel but you pay rent weekly and there’s no lease, so you leave whenever you want. We’ll look for work and then once some money starts coming in (we’re currently running on savings) we’ll look for a decently big three/four bedroom house to rent. The housing in Phoenix is rather cheap, so we’re pretty optimistic.

_I guess this is growing up._

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