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2013 In Review

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2013 may have not been a great year for the country, but it was a pretty good year for me. Some of the highlights are:

* Produced many bands at Drop B Recordings (both good and bad), bought a bunch of new gear (AT4040, HS50’s, Fast Track Ultra 8r, LTD H-1001, etc.), and got far better at mixing.
* Bought an 8-core Mac Pro on Craigslist for $500 8gb of RAM. It’s quite the workhorse, and it’s pretty much fully replaced my laptop for all my work. The downside is that it’s obviously not portable, but I find that I can’t really do mixing work on the go anyway.
* Moved my recording business to a monthly studio space, and then moved back home a few months later. $475 a month for a tiny cave-like room an hour away from home just made no sense now that I think about it.
* Got two new guitars, bought an ESP LTD H-1001 for $800 new, and traded an Ibanez RG7321 for an ESP LTD MH-350NT. I’m pretty much an ESP-exclusive guitarist now, but I can’t say that I mind.
* Joined another band as a guitarist, played a bunch of shows, and bought an Eleven Rack rig for live use. I definitely got a lot better as a guitarist because of that, and I’m much more comfortable playing guitar live now.
* Worked at and left a movie theater in Midtown Manhattan.
* Started working at a web design studio in Williamsburg. I get to sit in a comfortable chair and make websites. It’s a pretty easy job and the commute’s not too bad, plus it’s a super laid-back place so the job is never stressful. Although I still enjoy doing audio more than web design, it sure beats serving stale popcorn at a movie theater.
* Continued dating my lovely girlfriend. Our four year anniversary is in February.
* Started saving up for a car, I’m halfway there so far. Planning to buy a 2003-ish Hyundai Elantra. It’s well within my budget and it’s about as reliable as a used Japanese car, but far cheaper because it’s Korean.
* Started planning to relocate. For a bit of time I wanted to move to Washington DC, but numerous factors led me to reconsider that decision. After a bit of thinking, my girlfriend and I settled on the idea of moving to Phoenix, Arizona. It’s warm, far cheaper than NYC, has a good music scene (for metal), and it’s not nearly as crowded/crazy as NYC. It’ll be nice to live in a place that’s as laid back as I am. Plus it’s a few hours from Texas, Vegas, and Cali, so that’ll make for a lot of fun little weekend trips. That’s really the major reason why I’m buying the car too, because otherwise it’s exorbitantly expensive to be a car owner in NYC.
* Tried a lot of new food, like Pad Thai and sushi. I know that’s normal for most people, but I tend to be extremely conservative with my food tastes, so it’s an accomplishment for me.

h4. Goals for 2014

* Relocate to Phoenix as soon as possible
* Find a good house and settle down there
* Make more money
* Get an Axe Fx II
* Get back into shape
* Write more, especially on this blog. I feel like my writing abilities have been dumbed down a little these days from only writing on Facebook/texts.