Thoughts on iOS 7, aka Android 4.2

Earlier today, Apple announced iOS 7, and aside from me being appalled at how poorly executed the design was, I was also completely taken aback by how blatantly stolen a lot of the new “features” are. “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Apparently that’s Apple’s new business motto now. Let’s go into detail, shall we? Read on to see what Apple has lifted from Android 4.2.

Quick settings? You mean like the ones Android has had since version 4.2? Innovative indeed!

Multitasking? You mean like the kind that Android has had since version 4.0? Genius!

Flat look? You mean like the kind that Android has had since version 3.0? Stunning!

Thin type and thin icons? You mean like the kind that Android has had since version 3.0? Man you guys are innovative!

Simplified camera interface? You mean like the kinda that Android has had since version 4.0? Fantastic!

Unified search field on Safari Mobile? You mean like the kind that most browsers on Android have had since the early days?

Obvious stealing aside, it also just looks ugly. The drastic gradients on all the homescreen icons are tasteless and look extremely amateurish. Apple used to be great at using subtle gradients, but this is just disgusting. The camera and settings icons look like they were stolen off a random Google search, with little or no thought put towards how they look. The colors are far too bright and cartoony, iOS 7 looks like it was made for little kids. I’ve seen homemade themes on the internet that look better than iOS 7, which is pretty sad considering how much money and resources Apple has to design iOS.

Also, iTunes radio. Because the world needs yet another internet radio service. I guess Rdio, Spotify, Pandora, Grooveshark,, MySpace, and Songza aren’t enough… I wonder if Apple is going to get rid of all the internet radio/streaming music apps from the app store to make room for iTunes radio?

Admittedly, iOS in the car looks pretty cool, but how useful it’ll be depends solely on manufacturer support. And I guess the calendar app looks kinda nice– it’s simple and Swiss-inspired.

One closing thought though, I remember Android switching to a black-based system because it conserves power, does that mean iOS switching to a mostly white base will waste more energy?

At the very least, it’s not out yet, so Apple still has some time to fix it up and make it look less stupid. If they actually release it like this then boy do I feel sorry for all the iPhone users!

PS: You’d think I hate Apple from this post, but it’s quite the opposite. I’m typing this on a MacBook Pro, and I had an iPhone for a while a year ago. I still love OS X, but iOS is definitely not my mobile operating system of choice anymore. Seems like Apple’s trailing behind the competition instead of leading. I feel like losing Steve Jobs has definitely hurt them, they’re making a lot of poor decisions nowadays, ones that Steve would have *never* allowed.

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