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Thoughts on iOS 7, aka Android 4.2

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Earlier today, Apple announced iOS 7, and aside from me being appalled at how poorly executed the design was, I was also completely taken aback by how blatantly stolen a lot of the new “features” are. “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Apparently that’s Apple’s new business motto now. Let’s go into detail, shall we? Read on to see what Apple has lifted from Android 4.2. Continue reading

Nexus 4 Review

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It’s been over a month since I got my Nexus 4, “and I posted about my initial impressions.”: Now that I’ve had some time to really _live_ with the phone, I can put together a more full review. You may want to check out the aforementioned link because I covered a lot of the visual aspects of it there, so no point in repeating it here. Read on for the rest of the review! Continue reading