Current State of Affairs

2013 has been an interesting year so far. I joined a new band, did quite a bit of audio work, and finally got a semi-steady part-time job. In terms of audio work, I’ve been fairly in demand so far this year. I haven’t had to look for bands to work with, they all came to me. Which is pretty nice, seems like the word is getting out about me doing good work. Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing indeed. I also started tracking bands at my home instead of going miles out of my way to track at the bands’ places. Makes life a whole lot easier for me, and it’s one less expense. Plus, now that I have rack-mounted gear, a dual-monitor setup (laptop + Samsung monitor), and an external hard drive, my setup isn’t really mobile anymore. And I’m alright with that. It might take forever for bands to get to me, but I think it’s worth it for the better results.

In terms of a steadier job, I got the movie theater job that I mentioned in one of my earlier posts. I’ve been working at Clearview Cinemas’ Ziegfeld theater, I’ve been working there since mid-February, and I have to say that I do like it. The theater is a beautiful, old-fashioned one screen movie theater. Nearly everybody that comes there gets caught off-guard by the colossal size of the theater, it seats a bit over 1100 people. And I get to clean it, sell popcorn, sell tickets, take tickets, and drink unlimited soda. Not bad at all. The people there are all really nice, and the managers are pretty awesome too. Especially with the scheduling, it’s a lot easier to get a day off than at other places. I enjoy how I don’t have only one specific role, I get to do a bit of everything which is pretty fun. The pay is minimum wage, but I don’t mind because I make a lot more money with audio anyways. This job is for me to be able to have some spending money, like to take my girlfriend out to eat, to pay for gas, to buy cool stuff online, etc.

I’ve also been getting a bit more organized with things lately, and I think that’s helping me be more professional as well as being better at managing my money. I’ve set up my iCal to sync with Google Calendar, which definitely helps me manage my schedule, especially with bands and work. It’s lovely to have calendars synced together on the web, Mac, and on my Android phone. For Drop B Recordings, I used to throw individual song demos onto Z-Up, one by one, and then copy-and-paste the links one by one to band members. As you can probably tell, that wasted a lot of time. So I made a quick file directory listing system one day (literally in one day). Each band now has their own little password-protected area that lists the files in their directory. All I have to do now is create a band page in WordPress, set a password, and FTP all the demos to the directory together. Saves a lot of time and makes me look a lot more legitimate as a producer. The initial reactions of bands so far have been extremely positive, to say the least. My next step would probably be adding my Google Calendar to the band pages so that bands can see when I’m free, when I’m booked, and when their sessions are. Evernote is another way I stay organized, it’s like a synced notepad that I can access anywhere. Super convenient for storing usernames/passwords to sites I rarely use, for storing lock combinations, etc. And I made a list of future and present expenses for myself and my audio business, which helps me to decide what to spend money on.

My band has been going great too, we recently released our “debut EP”: (which I produced) and people really seem to be liking it. We even sold a few digital copies, which is something I never expected. Right now we’re just practicing for a show we’re playing on April 28th with Vanna. Pretty crazy, because I’ve been listening to Vanna for so many years now and never did I even think I’d be playing with them. Stoked doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about it. Especially considering that my band has a really good time slot on that show.

I’ve been doing a bit more design work lately too, seems like just taking a year or two off from web design has rekindled my passion for it, at least a little bit. I’m not really looking to do anymore client work, but I do still love designing for myself. I plan to tweak the design of this blog a little bit, as well as maybe changing up my design portfolio a bit (I still want it to look nice to show off, haha).

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