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Nexus 4 Inbound!

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Last night, I finally caved in and ordered a Nexus 4. My current T-Mobile G2 is over two years old, and it’s really starting to show it’s age, so the time was right for a new phone. Plus with T-Mobile’s making you pay for the phones upfront rather than subsidizing them, this was also the cheapest option, at $350 direct from Google versus the $457 T-Mobile charges. After the jump are the boring details on why I chose this phone as my next phone. Continue reading

Current State of Affairs

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2013 has been an interesting year so far. I joined a new band, did quite a bit of audio work, and finally got a semi-steady part-time job. In terms of audio work, I’ve been fairly in demand so far this year. I haven’t had to look for bands to work with, they all came to me. Which is pretty nice, seems like the word is getting out about me doing good work. Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing indeed. I also started tracking bands at my home instead of going miles out of my way to track at the bands’ places. Makes life a whole lot easier for me, and it’s one less expense. Plus, now that I have rack-mounted gear, a dual-monitor setup (laptop + Samsung monitor), and an external hard drive, my setup isn’t really mobile anymore. And I’m alright with that. It might take forever for bands to get to me, but I think it’s worth it for the better results. Continue reading