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Jelly Bean

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I finally got around to installing a fresh new rom onto my G2 (from XDA-Developers of course). I’ve been waiting to get Jelly Bean since it was announced, but since my phone isn’t officially supported by Cyanogenmod anymore, I had to wait for some devs to make their own rom. I’ve been watching this rom since it started, back when literally nothing worked in it. However, now it’s stable enough to easily be a daily driver. And that’s what I’ve been using it as for the last couple of days. Runs pretty smoothly, way less bugs than my previous Ice Cream Sandwich-based rom. Battery life is unaffected (which is good), and Project Butter has definitely brought some improvements. Even on my fairly slow 800MHz phone the interface is quite fluid. Once again, I’m so grateful for the awesome Android community, this phone would never have gone past Gingerbread had I stayed stock, because the carrier has all but forgotten about this phone.

Hopefully this update will hold me over until June when I can get myself a Galaxy S III. Or the Galaxy S IV, if it’s released by then. Fingers crossed.