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Here’s To Another Better Year!

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Funny how I’m making a post about the new year on the last day of January… oh well, better late than never I guess. 2012 went pretty well, I recorded a few cool bands, got far better as a producer, played shows, drove a ton, and ate a lot of interesting new food.

Earlier this month, my band As Judgement Day Approaches played its final show. It was a bittersweet feeling indeed, as AJDA has been a big part of my life for almost three years. That’s longer than most relationships nowadays! The last show was definitely one of our best, we certainly ended on a good note. Moving onto the next chapter of my life, I joined another band called With Shallow Views. The dudes in that band have been good friends of mine for a while now (I’ve actually known the guitarist longer than I’ve known most people), and I had fun recording them for their upcoming EP, so I joined, as a guitarist and backing vocalist. It’ll certainly be fun to play a different, less heavy style of music. Plus I get to play guitar in a band, I’ve wanted to do that for the longest time. My first show with them is in March, needless to say I’m excited! Continue reading