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2013 In Review

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2013 may have not been a great year for the country, but it was a pretty good year for me. Some of the highlights are:

* Produced many bands at Drop B Recordings (both good and bad), bought a bunch of new gear (AT4040, HS50’s, Fast Track Ultra 8r, LTD H-1001, etc.), and got far better at mixing.
* Bought an 8-core Mac Pro on Craigslist for $500 8gb of RAM. It’s quite the workhorse, and it’s pretty much fully replaced my laptop for all my work. The downside is that it’s obviously not portable, but I find that I can’t really do mixing work on the go anyway.
* Moved my recording business to a monthly studio space, and then moved back home a few months later. $475 a month for a tiny cave-like room an hour away from home just made no sense now that I think about it.
* Got two new guitars, bought an ESP LTD H-1001 for $800 new, and traded an Ibanez RG7321 for an ESP LTD MH-350NT. I’m pretty much an ESP-exclusive guitarist now, but I can’t say that I mind.
* Joined another band as a guitarist, played a bunch of shows, and bought an Eleven Rack rig for live use. I definitely got a lot better as a guitarist because of that, and I’m much more comfortable playing guitar live now.
* Worked at and left a movie theater in Midtown Manhattan.
* Started working at a web design studio in Williamsburg. I get to sit in a comfortable chair and make websites. It’s a pretty easy job and the commute’s not too bad, plus it’s a super laid-back place so the job is never stressful. Although I still enjoy doing audio more than web design, it sure beats serving stale popcorn at a movie theater.
* Continued dating my lovely girlfriend. Our four year anniversary is in February.
* Started saving up for a car, I’m halfway there so far. Planning to buy a 2003-ish Hyundai Elantra. It’s well within my budget and it’s about as reliable as a used Japanese car, but far cheaper because it’s Korean.
* Started planning to relocate. For a bit of time I wanted to move to Washington DC, but numerous factors led me to reconsider that decision. After a bit of thinking, my girlfriend and I settled on the idea of moving to Phoenix, Arizona. It’s warm, far cheaper than NYC, has a good music scene (for metal), and it’s not nearly as crowded/crazy as NYC. It’ll be nice to live in a place that’s as laid back as I am. Plus it’s a few hours from Texas, Vegas, and Cali, so that’ll make for a lot of fun little weekend trips. That’s really the major reason why I’m buying the car too, because otherwise it’s exorbitantly expensive to be a car owner in NYC.
* Tried a lot of new food, like Pad Thai and sushi. I know that’s normal for most people, but I tend to be extremely conservative with my food tastes, so it’s an accomplishment for me.

h4. Goals for 2014

* Relocate to Phoenix as soon as possible
* Find a good house and settle down there
* Make more money
* Get an Axe Fx II
* Get back into shape
* Write more, especially on this blog. I feel like my writing abilities have been dumbed down a little these days from only writing on Facebook/texts.

Thoughts on iOS 7, aka Android 4.2

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Earlier today, Apple announced iOS 7, and aside from me being appalled at how poorly executed the design was, I was also completely taken aback by how blatantly stolen a lot of the new “features” are. “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Apparently that’s Apple’s new business motto now. Let’s go into detail, shall we? Read on to see what Apple has lifted from Android 4.2. Continue reading

Nexus 4 Review

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It’s been over a month since I got my Nexus 4, “and I posted about my initial impressions.”: Now that I’ve had some time to really _live_ with the phone, I can put together a more full review. You may want to check out the aforementioned link because I covered a lot of the visual aspects of it there, so no point in repeating it here. Read on for the rest of the review! Continue reading

Nexus 4: Initial Impressions


My Nexus 4 was delivered on Wednesday, and it’s amazing. I’ve only had it for a day-and-a-half so far, so this will just be my initial thoughts/impressions of the phone so far. I’ll probably write a detailed review in two weeks or so, once I’ve had enough time to really settle in and live with the phone. Continue reading

Nexus 4 Inbound!

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Last night, I finally caved in and ordered a Nexus 4. My current T-Mobile G2 is over two years old, and it’s really starting to show it’s age, so the time was right for a new phone. Plus with T-Mobile’s making you pay for the phones upfront rather than subsidizing them, this was also the cheapest option, at $350 direct from Google versus the $457 T-Mobile charges. After the jump are the boring details on why I chose this phone as my next phone. Continue reading

Current State of Affairs

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2013 has been an interesting year so far. I joined a new band, did quite a bit of audio work, and finally got a semi-steady part-time job. In terms of audio work, I’ve been fairly in demand so far this year. I haven’t had to look for bands to work with, they all came to me. Which is pretty nice, seems like the word is getting out about me doing good work. Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing indeed. I also started tracking bands at my home instead of going miles out of my way to track at the bands’ places. Makes life a whole lot easier for me, and it’s one less expense. Plus, now that I have rack-mounted gear, a dual-monitor setup (laptop + Samsung monitor), and an external hard drive, my setup isn’t really mobile anymore. And I’m alright with that. It might take forever for bands to get to me, but I think it’s worth it for the better results. Continue reading

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