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Five Years.

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I can’t believe this blog has been around for five years already, the years just flew by. Countless redesigns, two hosting changes, and 300+ posts later, this blog is still around. I’m surprised at myself for keeping it up for this long. Granted, there have been months-long lapses in posting, but in the end I always come back to this place and post some more. I guess it’s just nice to have my own private little space on the internet, a place that’s not owned by anybody. Fully managed, designed, and maintained by me. A bit like a private garden. I can write as much as I want, or as little as I want. No limitations, just pure writing. I attribute this blog to keeping my spelling and grammar skills sharp even after all my primary schooling has passed; I definitely don’t want to fall into using text-speak all the time like most of my peers.

So here’s to many more years of tl;dr-style blogging!

DZine-Studios, keeping proper American English alive and well (I should make that my tagline haha).

The Wonders Of Uncertainty

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As technology advances, it gets more precise and more accurate. This precision can be life-saving, in the case of medical technology. It can make time-keeping far more advanced, as in the case of atomic clocks. But this surgical level of precision is not needed everywhere. In a lot of cases it just ends up causing more harm than good. Take smartphone battery levels for example. Continue reading