Pros And Cons of Owning A DSLR

I’ve had my Nikon D70S for many years now, and it’s gone to so many different places with me. I haven’t gone on a single vacation without it. Despite being outdated (it came out in 2005), it still takes amazing pictures. I usually run it in manual mode which helps too. And over the years I’ve noticed the pros and cons of having a DSLR.

h4. Pros

* Amazing pictures. Despite being old, it still takes better pictures than most new point-and-shoots.
* Full control. I can shoot in any lighting environment without getting crazy noise in photos.
* Speed. Even nowadays, few point-and-shoots can shoot as rapidly as my Nikon.
* No boot-up time. I flick the switch on, the camera’s on. Simple.
* Amazing battery life. I have a spare rechargeable battery for it, but I never need to use it. With moderate use, I charge the main battery maybe once every few months. Under heavy, near non-stop use, it takes a few days for the battery to die.
* Optical viewfinder. I compose photos directly through the lens, so what I see is exactly what I get. Also great for shooting in bright sunlight when LCD’s become all but impossible to use.
* Durability. This thing is built like a rock. If I dropped this down the stairs, I’d be more worried about the stairs.

h4. Cons

* Weight. This camera is no lightweight for sure, and can get annoying after hanging from my neck all day.
* Size. While I have a special camera case and my backpack has a camera compartment, it’s still far from pocketable.
* Super obvious. There’s no way to be discreet with this camera.
* Makes you look like a huge tourist.
* Snobby art students start talking to you.
* File size. Shooting in RAW gives you these massive files which eat up space quick.
* Small screen. Granted, this camera is from 2005, but it still doesn’t stop me from wishing it had a bigger screen to review photos on.

I’ve certainly learned to deal with the cons of this camera, and the pros far outweigh them. I’ll probably stick to using my Nikon for the foreseeable future. The way I see it, if I’m going to take pictures, might as well go all out and take great ones, why half-ass it?