Small But Great Update

Updating software can often be a chore, and sometimes brings less-than-desired results. But often an update will bring small UI tweaks, and those are the kind of updates I enjoy seeing the most. Today, I updated Chrome (my browser of choice) and initially it appeared to be the same thing, so I assumed it had under-the-hood updates. But then I went to go close a tab and saw this wonderful little gem:

Chrome Close Tab Button

I don’t design as much as I used to, but I can still appreciate little UI tweaks like these. Before this update, the close button would just have a gray circle upon hovering. I feel like changing the hover color to red definitely reinforces the fact that it’s a close button. I can’t say I’ve tested this scientifically, but I feel like I’ve closed less tabs accidentally because the red color is a bit more noticeable than the existing gray color. And they even included a little drop shadow on the X, lovely. Almost makes me want to design again…

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