Another Four Years

A few days ago, Election Day happened, and Obama won re-election and will run a second term… Not too happy about that. Mitt Romney seemed like the genuinely better candidate in the race, but people voted based on little unimportant policy bits rather than on economic/foreign policy (where Mitt was clearly more experienced). What’s even more annoying are the people who voted for Obama based solely on his skin color, without knowing a single word of his policies. Ignorant voting like that has to be stopped somehow, otherwise it becomes just a racial thing rather than based on actual qualifications.

There are two small bits of good news though: 1. This is Obama’s second and last term. Even if he tries to get rid of the term limit, he would never be able to gain Congressional approval to do it. 2. The House Of Representatives still has a solid Republican majority, so hopefully they can help prevent dreadful pieces of legislation (like Obamacare) from passing. Obama won’t get anything done in the coming four years, but that’s still far better than allowing him to get things done. Because Obama getting things done means destroying the USA with his idiotic reforms.

I can’t wait for the 2016 election already, I want to see this clown leave office for good. In fact, why should campaigning wait until 2015/2016 to start? I think it’d be a great advantage to start the primaries now, so that the candidates can thoroughly cover every state instead of just the handful of swing states. I think that’s definitely part of why Mitt lost, he didn’t campaign enough in certain states like Pennsylvania which could have shifted the balance in his favor. Maybe he should’ve passed through New York too, because this election was extremely close unlike previous ones where New York was always a landslide liberal victory.

But hey, in the meantime Obama can make us all equal. *Equally unemployed, that is.*

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