I turned twenty a little over a week ago… I can’t believe it. I’m still in denial to an extent, like I still think of myself as a teenager despite technically not being one anymore. It’s just so weird to think about how old I’m getting. I used to want to grow up as fast as possible when I was younger, but I regret that now. Having personally experienced it, I have to agree with the age-old notion of “don’t try to grow up too fast.” I should have enjoyed my younger years more, but I more or less wasted them. Not much I can do now but lament the wasted years and hope to make the coming years a lot more productive and interesting.

This year I’ll be able to vote in a major presidential election for the first time, and I’m pretty excited to say the least. Can’t say I care too much about turning twenty-one next year, as I strictly abstain from alcohol/drugs/cigarettes, and plan to for the rest of my life. Twenty is a weird age, you don’t really get the ability to do anything new at this age, and you just start to feel old. Let’s see what I’ve done in my 19th year of life:

* Got my driver’s license. Heck, if nothing else, this is a pretty big achievement right here. I thought I’d never get my license but I did it. Did a good amount of driving since then, definitely getting better at driving smoothly and parallel parking.
* Made great achievements with my band. We played a lot of really good shows, started building up an actual fanbase (we’ve actually shipped several pieces of merch to Australia and I think one to the Netherlands), and even did our first little tour.
* Recorded a good amount of EP’s and singles for various local bands. My productions have definitely gotten more polished in a year, going from barely above garage-band quality to semi-professional. I’m proud of that, and doing this for a year professionally has only confirmed that this is what I want to do in life.
* Stopped doing web design almost completely. Aside from tweaking this current theme, I haven’t designed a whole lot in the past year. I’ve been making more money doing audio production, and it’s far more satisfying. Even though I’m not a massively social person, recording bands is still a *lot* more fun than coding alone all day.
* Went to Washington D.C. again with my lovely girlfriend. It was just as good this time around, despite the insane 105+ heat. We got a great hotel deal too. Believe it or not, I *still* haven’t gone through the pictures from my Nikon. I really should get to that at some point.
* Played an insane amount of guitar. I used my seven-string a lot initially but then I went back to playing my six, mainly because all the songs I know are on a six, and my seven is quite crappy. Learned how to sweep-pick and tightened up my rhythm playing a lot.
* Tried a lot of new foods, like sushi and BLT’s. I used to hate sushi and wasn’t a fan of bacon, but now I can tolerate some sushi rolls and I love bacon.
* Expanded my musical horizons a bit. Have quite a few pop punk bands in my playlist now, and even some mainstream-ish bands like Linkin Park and Fallout Boy, the latter of which I’ve come to enjoy quite a lot.
* Saw a lot of new movies, thanks to Optimum Rewards giving my girlfriend and I free movies on Tuesday nights.
* Learned how to style my hair better. Pretty lame to most people, but it’s a huge achievement for me because I used to never be happy with my hair. Now I’m quite satisfied with how it looks.

Hmmm, after writing that, perhaps my 19th wasn’t such a waste after all. Never really thought about how much I did until now. Hopefully I can accomplish even more this next year of my life :)

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