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Hurricane Sandy is expected to hit the NYC area sometime later today (Monday), but quite a few people are dismissing it, citing last year’s over-hyped Hurricane Irene as a reason not to worry. However, this time around the circumstances are quite different. There’s the Tropical Storm/Category 1 Hurricane hitting + a Nor’Easter + high tides, which is no laughing matter. The water levels will surely rise even higher because of the high tide; this is essentially a perfect storm, the likes of which haven’t been seen in decades here. The low-lying areas will almost certainly get some flooding unless there’s some miraculous turn of events (like the storm taking a different direction or prematurely dying down). My house is in Zone B here, meaning it’s not at immediate risk of flooding. However, high winds are still a risk, so the cars have all been parked away from trees, the garbage cans stored inside the garage, etc. With plenty of food and enough candles to last several weeks, I’d like to think I’m fairly prepared for this. Let’s see what happens. I’ll update this as it progresses.

*Update Monday 10/11/12 8:20pm:* The entire MTA subway/bus/commuter rail transit system is shut down today and tomorrow, and possibly for more, depending on the conditions. The New York Stock Exchange is closed today and tomorrow as well. All bridges and tunnels are closed as of now. Widespread power outages are being reported. My house has a partial outage for now, no power in the kitchen or living room. The internet has stayed mostly on, but the lights are flickering constantly. Thankfully all the computers, router, and modem are on a backup battery, so quick flickers aren’t too much of a problem. Not sure if the power will stay on all night though.

*Update Thursday 11/1/12 10:00am:* Funny how in the previous update I said the power was still on, it went out literally ten minutes after I posted that. And it only came back on today at around 7am. I played a _lot_ of Monopoly, Scrabble, and Mariokart DS these past couple days. Didn’t know how to play Monopoly or Scrabble before, so yay I guess I’ve still accomplished something. Hurricane Sandy hit NYC pretty hard though, some subway lines are still closed, tunnels are still flooded, and there are still many homes without power, and loads of trees laying around blocking roads and such.


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I turned twenty a little over a week ago… I can’t believe it. I’m still in denial to an extent, like I still think of myself as a teenager despite technically not being one anymore. It’s just so weird to think about how old I’m getting. I used to want to grow up as fast as possible when I was younger, but I regret that now. Having personally experienced it, I have to agree with the age-old notion of “don’t try to grow up too fast.” I should have enjoyed my younger years more, but I more or less wasted them. Not much I can do now but lament the wasted years and hope to make the coming years a lot more productive and interesting. Continue reading

Stupid Things Smartphone Users Need To Stop Doing

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Now that smartphones have become nearly ubiquitous in the US (and many other developed countries), it’s time to discuss what people are doing wrong with them. From what I’ve seen, a lot of people that own smartphones tend to be rather… dumb about using them (ha!). Here’s what I’ve seen over the course of a year or two. Keep in mind that while I use Android, this can apply to Blackberry, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, etc. Continue reading

The Dreadful Future Of Smartphones

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Smartphones are everywhere now, every other person has one (whether it’s iOS or Android), and they are reaching new levels of performance, size, and affordability. What bothers me is the recent lack of variation in smartphone form factors. Every new phone coming out nowadays usually follows the same formula: large screen (usually over 4 inches), several buttons under the screen, camera on the back, volume buttons on the side. While this is a time-tested design that caters to most people, I feel like the major smartphone manufacturers have all but forgotten physical QWERTY keyboards. Continue reading