Changing For The Better

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been taking steps to better myself, like not eating so excessively, going to the gym regularly, and continuing to abstain from any sort of alcohol/smoking/drugs. All of that has worked out pretty well so far, and I feel great!

Now, my next step is to better myself in terms of language. I’ve been constantly looking up new words, whenever I hear a word I don’t quite know the meaning of, I look it up on my smartphone. Being born in America, I already speak English pretty well, but I want to go beyond the average speaker; I desire to have a thorough grasp of the finer nuances of this now-ubiquitous language. Along with expanding my vocabulary, I’m cutting out some words too. No more pointless swearing, all it does is make me sound like a crass, unsophisticated idiot. Anything can be said just as effectively (or more effectively) without using those words, it’s really unnecessary to casually swear if you think about it. I don’t find anything wrong with dropping a swear if the situation _really_ calls for it (let’s say you drop a 50-pound weight on your foot), in fact studies even show that swearing helps you deal with pain faster. What I’m referring to is the casual use of these words in every day conversation, there’s no need for me to drop f-bombs every other word. And I’ve noticed myself doing that more and more lately, both online and in real life. So I’m proactively making a change, before my mouth becomes my enemy.

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