The New Myspace

Ladies and gentlemen, we might just have the next new thing here. The Myspace of old is completely gone, fully redesigned and repurposed. Imagine the best bits of Facebook,, Grooveshark, and Pinterest combined into one slick entity. Gone is the ugly web 1.0 design, replaced by clean sans-serifs, large images, and a super clever side-scrolling design. Preview it after the jump.

Looks pretty impressive, right? Using horizontal-scrolling is quite innovative, pretty much every social networking site nowadays is still clinging to the tried-and-true vertical scrolling layout. And it makes total sense, because our screens keep getting wider, not taller, so this is a rather good use of screen real estate. Plus nearly every laptop has multitouch trackpads, and a lot of computer mice nowadays can scroll sideways too. For the users still using regular mice, I’m sure they could set up some system where regular (vertical) scrolling is reinterpreted as horizontal scrolling through some Javascript. As for mobile devices, this layout looks pretty much perfectly tablet-ready, with big buttons and large images. Smartphones could easily work with this, as a lot of the current social apps use slide-out sidebars in their interfaces.

The seamless music player and artist integration could be a huge boon for musicians, especially with all of Facebook’s restrictions lately. Just imagine, you could be listening to some sweet tunes while seeing what your friends are up to. Much like how Facebook chat has largely replaced standalone IM clients, this could replace iTunes or separate apps like Rdio/Spotify. It’s all about integrating everything into a site so that people won’t want (or need) to ever leave.

This new Myspace concept impresses me not only as a designer, but as a hardcore user of social networking too. If they can follow through on this concept and make it a reality, then Facebook could very well have some serious competition. Google+ was too much of the same, and despite being backed by a *huge* company, it failed to take off as planned. This new Myspace is an interesting new player in an otherwise stale market. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t succumb to advertising like the original Myspace, which was a big part of its demise.

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