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How To Make A Successful Tumblr Theme

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So you’ve finally made yourself a Tumblr blog; now that you’ve passed the super-challenging signup process you want to maybe stick out from the other billion Tumblrs, right? It’s pretty easy, actually. First look for the most popular theme out there, and install it. After you’ve installed it, you can customize it, and that’s where the fun begins. Continue reading

Got My License!


I originally “got my permit”: earlier this year, and after practicing driving for a few months, I finally got around to scheduling my road test. I took my 5-hour course at this school near me called Secure Driving School (if you’re in NYC check it out, great people), and then I scheduled my road test for May 31st, 2012.

I had a good amount of practice by the time the road test came around, well over the recommended 50 hours or so. My father was the one that taught me how to drive, risking his car and his life to do it. He was a pretty strict teacher, but it sure did help me become a very careful, efficient driver.

On the day of the road test, I was picked up and driven there by a cool fellow, and we discussed conservative politics on the way there, which took some of the tension off and made me a bit less nervous. We arrived in the designated road test area in Red Hook with ample time to spare, and just waited for my turn to get tested. Finally, my turn came and the DMV instructor got in the school’s Corolla that I was using for the test. He didn’t say much to me, other than what maneuvers to perform. I got way more relaxed once I started. The test consisted of pretty standard stuff: turning, stopping at stop signs, stopping at lights, broken u-turns (aka K-turns), parallel parking, and driving. For such a serious test, it only lasted like four minutes, at the end of which I pulled over and the instructor handed me my temporary driver’s license. The only minor violation was me forgetting to glance somewhere an extra time.

My real license should be arriving in the mail sometime this or next week, and I can’t wait. Getting a driver’s license has long been a milestone for the youth of America, and it feels pretty great to finally have mine. Especially when you consider just how annoying it is to get one in NYC, what with all the terrible drivers and endless paperwork.