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Old Macs Are Awesome

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A month or two back, my band’s guitarist was telling me about how he was getting rid of an iMac that he got for free as a surplus from work. I convinced him to sell me it for around forty bucks, and he agreed. It turned out to be a 20″ 2006 iMac G5, the iSight version. It’s got wifi and bluetooth, is in perfect working order, and in great shape cosmetically as well. I got the newest Apple aluminum keyboard and a Mighty Mouse with it as well. I installed Leopard on it, and it works beautifully. I use it as a work computer, for making calls via Skype, for writing (big monitor + full keyboard is great for that), for watching movies, and as a backup in case my laptop decides to fail. Moral of the story is that if you can score a used Mac for cheap, do it. Sure it may not run the latest and greatest software, but it’ll serve you well for years to come.