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Put An End To Filler

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Listen to pretty much any album nowadays, and you’ll be met with some stupid interlude, or with songs that serve no real purpose. That, ladies and gentlemen, is called filler. It’s when a musician has a tight recording schedule and is too lazy to have prewritten songs, so instead they include a bunch of filler tracks to take up time on the album. That’s how you end up with a “full length” album that has maybe like 5 actual songs. It’s sold as a full length, even though it has as much actual material as an EP. It’s a scam for the listeners and buyers of these “albums.” I don’t feel bad downloading an album if it’s priced at like $14.99 and has like 4 real songs, that’s just a ripoff and I refuse to pay for that. One or two interludes are okay, especially if they’re well-done and actually serve some purpose in the course of the album, rather than being like brick walls that stop the flow of the album. I enjoy albums that have consistently good songs and some thought behind them, rather than a bunch of singles thrown together with some filler to tie it all together.

Musicians, please just take the time to write at least 10 actual songs before you get to recording an album. I don’t care if I have to wait a little longer for it to come out, it’s worth it in the end. Or just release an EP, it’s cheaper for everyone and fans won’t feel ripped off. And labels, don’t let artists get away with this, they’re cheating you too, by using filler interludes to get to the 10-song minimum.