Ads On Facebook Are A Necessity

People just love to complain about ads. They’ll express vehement criticism whenever a website announces more ads, and they’ll swear to never use the site again (but they’ll still use it). In this case, it was Facebook which announced it would add “sponsored stories” to the news feeds of users. Basically, ads.

Of course, everybody was raging, vowing to stop using Facebook and all. They don’t get it though. A huge site like FB needs ads to stay afloat. For those who don’t know, FB has quite a few full-time employees, and a huge site to keep up. A site like FB uses a ton of bandwidth, so it costs a lot to keep it online. Since FB is free, it has to make money somehow, and that’s through ads. Otherwise, everybody would have to pay for a membership, and I doubt FB would have gotten so big if it wasn’t free. Imposing a membership fee on current users means a good half of the users would jump ship to a similar, free service like Google+.

Among social networks, Facebook and Google+ have some of the least intrusive ads. These aren’t your 2006-era annoying Flash ads, they’re quiet (and mostly relevant) text ads, with small pictures, if any. They never bothered me, and I’m completely okay with seeing them. I don’t use AdBlock or anything like that, because as a web designer I understand the costs of maintaining a site.

I know with all of my posts defending Facebook’s decisions I sound like a PR representative, but I’m simply trying to explain these changes, because a lot of people just don’t get it.

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  • Paul D’Amora

    In reality, sponsored stories will probably be more fascinating than half the shit people post on Facebook anyway.