The Road Ahead

After toying with the idea for a couple years, I finally went and got my learner’s permit earlier this month. A bit late, as I could have had it when I was 16 (I’m 19 now) but hey, better late than never right? Plus being over 18, I no longer have to deal with all the restrictions of a class “DJ” license, I have a normal class “D” one. Read on for some thoughts on my first weeks of driving.

Getting the permit itself wasn’t terribly time-consuming, I was in and out in less than two hours. I didn’t go super early either, I went at like 1pm or so. I guess I just always happen to be somewhere at the right time, when everything’s running smoothly. So far, no complaints about the DMV. The written test was easy beyond belief. I barely read the rules before taking it, and I got 18 out of 20 questions right. Perhaps it’s because I’ve always watched my dad and my friends drive (I’m almost always shotgun). Making sure my picture didn’t suck was the hardest part, haha.

After I got my permit, I started driving literally the next day with my dad, who’s teaching me how to drive. I first drove around in a former airport, lots of room to get a feel for the van. The van I’m learning on is a Toyota Sienna, from around 2003. It’s not terribly big or wide, and it helps to learn on a van, as I’ll be driving a commercial-size van for touring with my band.

I started driving on the streets the next day, and while I was initially slightly terrified, I’ve been getting a lot more confident behind the wheel. I drove on several highways like two weeks after I got my permit, also slightly scary but I got somewhat comfortable with it. I’m driving to the Bronx tomorrow again, should be fun.

Parallel parking’s also getting a lot easier, as well as backing into parking spots and driveways. I do hope that I don’t get too cocky, because I really don’t want to be a bad teenage driver. I’d rather follow the speed limits and come home alive each night.

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  • Benny

    Congratulations! It’s an exciting step in life to earn this¬†privilege. I’m looking forward to getting my permit this April.¬†

  • Dan

    Haha long time no see, man :) But thanks, and good luck with getting yours. Also congrats on being the first commenter on this site in 2012 (and first commenter in like 4-5 months).

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