I finally got around to finishing the redesign I started in August. Progress was slow indeed, what with me totally ignoring this place for a couple of months, but it’s finally finished. I’m really pleased with how it came out, I plan on keeping this design for a while.

h4. Notes On The New Design

The sidebar’s back! Despite all of my ranting against sidebars, I decided to include one in this version. But fear not, it’s not a typical archive/category sidebar, it’s somewhat useful this time. There’s the all-important search box, a short bio, and links to my other sites. I’ll probably add social links at some point.

New fonts. I decided to stick with Droid Serif as my content font, with Amaranth as my headline/title font. Both are possible for free thanks to the awesome “Google Web Font”: service. The font selection isn’t the largest yet, but it’s totally free with no restrictions unlike Typekit’s free package. The content font size is also generally larger this time around, for easier reading.

I brought the wood back, because I still really like how it looks on Z-Up. Everything’s been spaced out more, because everybody’s got big monitors now, no sense in cramping everything together. The whole site is left-aligned now, it looks fine on most monitors, but if I start to dislike it, centering it would be easy enough.

The comments section has been moved over to Disqus. A lot of people already have Disqus accounts, and it lets you sign in with a bunch of different accounts, which is more convenient for commenters. Plus it’s got a pretty clean design, so customizing it was quicker than customizing the default WordPress comment system.

The pages have been updated. The about page has been long overdue for an update, being that I have a pretty big focus on audio production/engineering nowadays instead of just web design.

All of the pages have been updated, I made sure to check. So no more broken archive pages and such. I tested this new design in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, all on Mac. Should be similar enough on a PC, but with uglier font rendering. I don’t care about any version of Internet Explorer anymore.

That’s about it, I guess. Leave me a comment if you like/hate the new design.

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