iPhone 5 Predictions [Updated]

*Edit: Apple’s officially announced the iPhone 4S, and most of my predictions are pretty much true.*
With the Apple iPhone press conference tomorrow, the interwebs have been abuzz with rumors, fake pictures, supposed mockups, and downright fake “prototypes.” I know that I’m not strictly a tech blogger anymore, nor am I an iPhone user anymore, but my Apple fanboy interests still remain piqued. So without further ado, these are my predictions for what the iPhone will and won’t be.

*Update: Now that the iPhone 4S is out, I’m noting what I guessed correctly. Notes are in bold.*

h5. Design

A lot of people are saying that Apple will return to using an aluminum back for the iPhone 5. While aluminum is more durable than the glass back on the iPhone 4, it would be very un-Apple to ditch a still-new design. That’s like if Apple ditched the unibody Macbook Pro design after a couple of months. Plus, nearly every smartphone nowadays has an aluminum back, I doubt Apple would follow the trend, that would be very unlike them. It’ll probably be thinner and lighter, no doubt about that.

*Yep, same exact design, no change at all.*

h5. Processor

No doubt about it, Apple will probably put a dual-core chip into the new iPhone. Whether it’ll be the same one in the iPad 2 or a different one remains to be seen. The RAM will probably be bumped up as well, to keep things speedy.

*Apple A5 dual-core from the iPad, just as I guessed.*

h5. Camera

The iPhone 4’s camera is looking a bit dated nowadays, especially in the face of these eight megapixel smartphone cameras. It’ll probably keep the integrated flash and sensor, but with an increase in the resolution.

*Wow, I actually guessed this exactly. 8 megapixels with an improved sensor.*

h5. 4G/LTE/sjslf

It’s been long enough, every other new phone nowadays has some kind of faster-than-3G data feature. I’m expecting the new iPhone to have this, and maybe with a Qualcomm multi-band chip it can be carrier independent and international (technically speaking, I mean. It might still be tied down to a contract. More on that later).

*Thanks to some “revolutionary” antenna technology, the iPhone 4S now pretty much has “4G” speeds.*

h5. Operating System

It’ll have iOS 5. Duh.


h5. Display

I doubt that Apple would introduce a larger or higher-res display, because that would cause further fragmentation, as well as pissing off a lot of developers.

*Same exact display.*

h5. Carriers

There have been many hints that Sprint will get the new iPhone, and there have been rumors that T-Mobile might get it too. If the new iPhone has a multi-band chip, this is entirely possible, technically. Now whether Apple’s reached agreements with all the carriers is another story. It would be in their best interest to get the iPhone onto every carrier, because that means people will have one less reason to not buy one.

*Yep, the iPhone 4S supports both GSM and CDMA, making it a truly global phone. It’s still probably locked down per carriers. Sprint has the new 4S and will be getting the 4 as well.*

Now of course, there is the possibility that Apple might even offer a fully unlocked, carrier-free iPhone, for a way higher price of course. Then there’s the possibility of a pay-as-you-go model, but that’s largely up to the carriers.

*Haha, no that didn’t happen. Contracts only.*

h5. Memory

Since there are hints that Apple might be killing off the iPod Classic, it would be in their best interest to bump the higher-end model’s memory to 64gb at least. Even better would be a 128gb iPhone, or a 128gb iPod Touch. It wouldn’t be prohibitively expensive either, flash memory keeps getting cheaper and cheaper.

*Yep, 64gb iPhone 4S available. No 128gb iPhone nor iPod Touch. Perhaps in the next update?*

h5. Buttons

Apple might just completely replace the physical home button with a capacitive one, or just ditch it completely for an entirely gesture-based panel.

*Only prediction that was way off, nothing was changed. Maybe on the iPhone 5?*

h5. Conclusion

This could be either a full-on redesign, or just a revamp with the new features mentioned above, meaning an iPhone 4S instead of an iPhone 5. Or there could be both an iPhone 4S and a brand-new iPhone 5. Who knows? Apple’s kept this new iPhone tightly under wraps, no catastrophic leaks, meaning the reveal tomorrow will be all the more exciting.

*It actually turned out to just be a slightly upgraded iPhone 4. I guarantee that the next update, the iPhone 5, will be a lot more major than this one.*

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