Ungrateful Users

Out of every major website, Facebook seems to have the most ungrateful, fickle users. No matter what changes Facebook makes, they’re always met with vehement criticism and hatred, often to the point of users throwing personal insults at the Facebook devs. The problem with this is that it poses a catch-22 decision for the developers. Either to a) innovate and continue to advance, while users get angered, or b) do absolutely nothing and maintain everything as is, but then risk stagnation like MySpace did.

MySpace is a prime example of a website that didn’t change, and died because of that. When it finally did implement all sorts of changes within the last couple of years, it was too little, too late. Facebook’s trying to avoid that by constantly improving the user experience, whether the users realize it or not. For example, in the latest version, the top bar with notifications and all stays fixed even when the user scrolls down, negating the need to scroll all the way up to check notifications or run a search. Do users notice those beneficial changes and thank the devs? *Of course not.* They’d much rather join the bandwagon of hating everything the devs do, just because everyone else does.

Look back into the past couple of years on Facebook— it’s a cycle. Facebook debuts a new design, users complain, then after about a month everybody shuts up, until the next change; then the cycle repeats. Complaining about changes won’t change anything, because in the end, the developers know best- they run tests and collect data to support the changes.

Announced today at the F8 conference, Zuckerberg announced a brand-new way to display a profile, as a chronological timeline, with the ability to easily go back in time. I personally applaud these ideas and changes, it shows that Facebook isn’t content with just having large numbers of users, they want to innovate and stay relevant, especially with serious competitors like Google Plus.

Perhaps next time Facebook makes a change and you’re about to hit “post” on another “I hate this new design”-esque status, *stop for a minute and try to see what’s been improved.*

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  • Mike Letscher

    Finally someone agrees, I’m really getting sick of the constant updates about “how Facebook should stop changing what isn’t broken”.

    I think the difference between, say, Google+ and Facebook is the ability to opt out of updates. Google rarely gets this type of criticism from users because Google doesn’t force updates.

    Regardless, few of the people complaining will leave Facebook, so Facebook won’t stop evolving any time soon.