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Consider this post to be the answer to a question that I’ve been asked countless times- “Why do you love Macs so much?” Before I answer this question, a little backstory: I haven’t been using Macs for my entire life, nor was I brought up on them. My first experience with them was in elementary school, where I first saw the then-new egg-shaped iMacs, with their clear plastic casing. Back then, I just thought they looked nice, I knew little about their OS.

My next experience with Macs was on some random 7th grade school field trip to a museum, where I got to use a Powerbook G4 for the first time. While I was supposed to be using it for educational purpose, I was struck by how nice the hardware looked and felt. The operating system was clean and sleek-looking, a far cry from the clunky Windows XP that was standard at the time. Years later, during the summer after my freshman year of high school, I was looking to buy a new laptop. I was considering a Mac, but my parents tried to discourage me, citing its cost as prohibitively expensive and wasteful. Stubborn as I am, I ignored them and continued saving up, until I finally bought my MacBook Pro in March of 2008. It cost me my entire life savings, but I didn’t care. Flip forward over three years later, and I’m still using that same computer. It’s still better looking than any Windows laptop, and runs better than most new ones too.

h4. Why do I love Macs so much?

To fully answer this question, I’m splitting the answer up into two parts:

h5. The hardware

If you’ve ever seen a Macbook Pro, iMac, or Mac Pro in real life, you know what I’m talking about. They look solid, well thought-out, and simple. No unnecessary stickers, lights, buttons, or protrusions. They’re very durable- I’ve dropped my MacBook Pro numerous times onto concrete, stone flooring, and tile. Aside from some superficial dents, it’s still very much intact and fully functional.

h5. The software

This one is a topic of much debate and flaming, so I’ll try and phrase it carefully. Mac OS X is *my* preferred operating system. I like how it looks, as I’m a very visual person. As a designer, I take pride in using a system that feels like it had a significant amount of thought put into the design. Of course, it also doesn’t get nearly as many viruses (note how I said nearly, viruses *do* exist for Mac, I’m just smart enough not to get them.), and has a way better uptime. I fully restart my MacBook Pro every month or two, and that’s usually for some system update, rather than needing to. Mac OS X doesn’t bog down after long periods of use. Plus, a lot of great software is Mac-only, such as Coda, Transmit, Aperture, and Logic Pro.

In the end, it is all up to personal preference. Some will choose Windows for the vast software and game library, while others will choose Linux for the customization and geek cred.

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