What’s Going On?

As you may have noticed, DZine-Studios is a bit of a mess right now. Well actually, it’s not DZine-Studios anymore. That’s the first of several changes happening to this blog. The blog’s just called Dan, because it’s my personal blog, not a corporate blog, nor is it actually about a design studio, as the punny domain name might imply. Design’s also not really the main focus of this blog, nor has it ever really been. More after the jump.

I’m redesigning this blog, but before anybody says “already?” let me remind you that the previous design was over a year old. It was starting to look aged, to me at least. The off-white background color was annoying me, as was the gray. If you’ve seen my “portfolio site”:http://danielzabolotny.me you’ll see what my new approach is like. Some things to note:

* I love typography, and I’m getting tired of just Helvetica and/or Georgia. I’ll be using Typekit to serve up Droid Serif for the body text, with Helvetica still remaining as the headline font. In the future when I get a bit of money I’ll be changing that to Skolar, I love that font.
* Simplicity is back in. No features have been removed, just less visual clutter. I no longer feel like I have to use a ton of graphics to prove my worth as a designer, I have a portfolio for that.
* Comments are staying. Other bloggers are steadily removing the comments feature with their redesigns. I feel this a form of censorship, I’d prefer getting an opinion or a discussion as opposed to… nothing. Sure there’s spam, but Akismet keeps it to a minimum.
* This blog will continue not being about only design. If you’re looking for lists or roundups, go elsewhere. I generally post about whatever strikes my fancy, and I’ll continue doing so. I write for a “group blog called Internet Smackdown”:http://internetsmackdown.net, and sometimes I’ll feature a post from there, if it’s particularly well-written or informative. Other than that, I’ll keep writing about tech, audio/music stuff, bands, life, and stuff.
* The design’s a work in progress. I’ll work on it every now and then, but at least it’s pretty legible already.
* I’m abandoning K2 as the base theme, it’s just overly complex and if I actually update it as often as new versions come out, I’d break the design every week. Plus the gee-whiz AJAX navigation is more annoying than useful (at least in my opinion). I’m basing it off of WordPress’ own 2010 theme.
* I’m abandoning pages completely. I’ll be migrating both the contact and about page content into the footer.
* No sidebars as usual. Unnecessary clutter.
* Shorter line length. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, for an easier reading experience, but I was afraid of breaking previous posts with wider pictures. At this point I don’t really care, the pictures will only stick out slightly. Boohoo.

That’s about it, I think. I’ll get back to writing here, as writing on ISD has rekindled my blogger flame.

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