A Glimpse Into a Sort-of Secret Project

It’s not for a client, it’s for my band. I can’t reveal too many details about it yet, because the grand opening for it is this Sunday. What I do want to show is a little sneak preview of it, much like what people do on dribbble (“my dribbble account “:http://dribbble.com/danielzabolotny if anybody wants to invite me, hint hint).

It’s a list of band members in my band, with some custom icons I made. I figured, instead of just writing [nickname] – [name] – [instrument], I’d use an icon to indicate the instrument. I based it off the “round social icon set”:http://lifetreecreative.com/icons/, except using my own vector shapes for the instruments. Working at such a small size and still maintaining clarity was quite tricky, especially with the drumset. However, I’m pretty happy with how this came out.

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  • http://slantedmindz.com Alec

    When you get a dribbble account you better give your first invite to me.

    Cool texture though.

  • http://dzine-studios.com Dan

    Haha, I definitely will. I know a lot of young designers who are eagerly awaiting invites.