Future Purchases

This post is a list of sorts. A list of what I’m planning to buy in the coming month(s). I’m not including all the boring little stuff like Coca-Cola or food, I mean bigger purchases. Best of all, I can actually buy all of these nice things, thanks to my partnership with RMK Studios. So here’s the list.

h4. Near Future (Like within a month or two)

* T-Mobile G2: $250. I need this _really_ badly, my Blackberry is just dying nowadays. I could be just calling or checking my texts and then it just cuts out. And then doesn’t power up until I plug it in. Which is really annoying, because it happens to _always_ die while I’m outside. I’m about a week or less from getting the G2, I already have the money in my bank account for it and everything.
* Line 6 Pod Studio UX2: $200. I originally wanted to get the UX1, because I thought the UX2 was $250, but it turns out the UX2 is only $200, so I’m getting that. It supports pretty much any instrument that you can plug into it, and has pretty good quality and POD Farm 2. Plus it’s got phantom power, which means that in the not-so-distant future when I get a professional condenser mic, I won’t have to shell out more money for a mic pre-amp.
* Jeans: $40-$50 for two pairs. Being in a metalcore band really takes a toll on your pants, with all the on-stage acrobatics and jumping around and all. I ripped two pairs while playing shows with my band. Thankfully we’re not playing shows for a while, or I’d run out of pants ._.
* Shure SM58: $100. One of the best, most durable, and affordable mics for vocals. While most venues provide mics, they’re usually crappy or covered in some other dude’s spit, so it’ll be nice to have my own that’s only used by me. Plus I can record vocals with it at home, plugging it into the Pod Studio UX2 that I’ll have at that point.

h4. Further Future (Like within a year or so)

* Schecter Blackjack ATX C7: $850. This guitar is an utter fucking beast. Seven strings, Duncan Blackout active pickups, set neck, string-through body, 24 frets, and light weight make this guitar amazing. Plus I love the matte black finish (I hate glossy finishes), and I’ve wanted a Schecter for the longest time. This is my dream guitar, basically. While I still love my modded-out ESP WA-200, I want something new and with an extra string for the heavier tunings that I enjoy playing in, and the C7 delivers in that aspect.
* MXL 3000 Mic Bundle: $150. It’s a condenser mic bundle that comes with everything I’d need for recording vocals in semi-professional quality at home.

So yeah, a lot of what I want is related to audio production. I figure that while the upfront investments are rather expensive, I can make some money recording local bands. I can already get decent audio quality with a cheap guitar amp and my Mac’s built-in mic, so with all this gear, imagine what I could do. I’ve taken an interest in audio production lately, because it’s pretty creative, much like design, and I love music, so what’s better than making it? Plus it’s always annoyed me how nearly all the NYC local bands have utterly terrible-sounding demos. Yeah they’re demos, but when you have bands like Chelsea Grin and Horizons making demos that sound better than most full-lengths, shit quality’s not gonna cut it. I want bands to have really nice-sounding recordings, because it’s always a lot more enjoyable to listen to music that’s well-mixed (unless you’re a hipster that likes shitty garage recordings).

Oh and slightly off-topic design note: I finished designing and coding up a website for a church. Check it out “here”:http://mtcalvary.crumblenet.net.