Downgrading For The Time…

I love my iPhone. Actually, loved would be a better way to say it, as I no longer have it. No it didn’t break or get stolen, I simply traded it to my dad for his Blackberry. Blasphemy, right? Well I have a pretty good reason for doing this. As you all may or may not know, in order to get the magical iPhone 4 for only $199, you have to sign your soul away to AT&T for two years. Being the heavy data/text user I am, I had to take the most expensive plan, which ran at about $100 a month.

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but for me a hundred bucks every month is quite a bit of money. When I had my summer and winter jobs, it wasn’t so much a problem. It was rather saddening however, to see my paychecks all getting sucked away on Metrocards and AT&T bills. I’ve been unemployed since January, and I simply couldn’t afford to pay the bill. Come February, I’m still unable to pay the bill, so my dad agreed to take the iPhone and pay for it and all, and I got his Blackberry Pearl 8120. The first day or so of using a non-iPhone phone was depressing indeed, but I got used to it after a week. The Blackberry has pretty much everything the iPhone had, except just a bit shittier and slower. I did realize two things after getting the Blackberry: having a phone on a family plan where your parents pay for it is great, and that I love physical keyboards.

For my next phone, I want a full keyboard and for it to be as capable as the iPhone, but on T-Mobile (which is what my family plan’s on). After a bit of searching and loitering at cell phone stores, I settled on the HTC G2. Android is a solid platform, and HTC builds some nice phones, so it was a logical choice. The G2’s got a keyboard and support for T-Mobile’s upcoming 4G, so I won’t be lacking in speed. Plus with a contract upgrade in a couple months, it’ll only be $99. Sweet.

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  • Sean

    Nice choice going for the G2, it’s a great phone, I would have gotten it (here it’s actually called the HTC Desire Z) but I couldn’t get it on a plan

    So I went for the Desire HD instead, which turns out was better for me anyway, with a bigger screen and all.. only thing it missed was the QWERTY keyboard.. but I got used to touchscreen keys after a while..

    Let me know how the Z hinge holds up.. I’ve heard a few people say it might not stay as sturdy after a while..

  • Dan

    Yeah, the Desire Z is _almost_ the same as the G2, except for one thing; the G2 doesn’t have HTC’s custom Sense UI, it has a pretty much stock installation of Android. Which is either good or bad, depending on how you see it. If I want the Sense UI, all I need to do is root the G2 and put the Sense stuff on it.

    From store models that I’ve tried, the hinge feels pretty solid. Way more solid than the G1’s for sure.

  • Sean

    Yeah.. well Sense UI is freaking awesome.

    Cool, well hopefully it stays that way for at least 2 years

  • Mike Letscher

    Check out some custom launchers. The amount of customization on Android is incredible, which is why I love the platform.

    My favorite is LauncherPro.

  • Dan

    Ah yes I did, but for now the mint Android launcher works best for me. But in the future I might root my G2 and get the pretty HTC Sense UI onto it.