Perhaps A Summer Tour?

As you all may or may not know, I’m in a full-time band, and it’s been pretty successful thus far, with about a dozen shows played in the last three months or so. I’m producing the demo which I hope to release by March (More on that later). The most exciting thing though, is the prospect of a two-week long summer tour on the East coast. It’d go from New York all the way down to Florida, which is pretty exciting. It’s been my dream to be in a touring band for years now, and it might actually come true this summer :)

To tour we’d all need quite a bit of cash and a van/transportation of some kind. One of our guitarists already has a job, and the rest of us are looking for work in the meantime. We’ll also have a bassist if everything works out right. I’ll probably bring my Nikon and laptop with me so I don’t die of boredom during the long drives from state to state.

Now for the demo, I’ll be producing it in Logic Studio, which is a great and fairly easy to learn program. I’ve made several rough demos with it, all with pretty good results.

This post also marks a slight change in this blog’s direction. I still love technology and web design, but I’ve begun to take an interest in music production as well, so I’ll be writing about that on this blog too. Often I’ve wanted to post something here but I reconsidered because it wouldn’t “fit” my blog’s focus. That’s gone now, starting today I’m writing about whatever I want here.

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  • Andreas

    What Nikon model do you have?-and can you make a review of it?