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Downgrading For The Time…


I love my iPhone. Actually, loved would be a better way to say it, as I no longer have it. No it didn’t break or get stolen, I simply traded it to my dad for his Blackberry. Blasphemy, right? Well I have a pretty good reason for doing this. As you all may or may not know, in order to get the magical iPhone 4 for only $199, you have to sign your soul away to AT&T for two years. Being the heavy data/text user I am, I had to take the most expensive plan, which ran at about $100 a month.
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Perhaps A Summer Tour?

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As you all may or may not know, I’m in a full-time band, and it’s been pretty successful thus far, with about a dozen shows played in the last three months or so. I’m producing the demo which I hope to release by March (More on that later). The most exciting thing though, is the prospect of a two-week long summer tour on the East coast. It’d go from New York all the way down to Florida, which is pretty exciting. It’s been my dream to be in a touring band for years now, and it might actually come true this summer :)
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