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Back To Google Ads

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As you may have all noticed, this site frequently got listed as a malware site, and several readers “complained”: on Twitter about it, so I finally looked into the issue. After thoroughly scanning the site and server for malware, I used the “Theme Authenticity Checker”:, which checks for malicious bits and all, and it found a link in base64. Now on its own, base64 isn’t harmful, but it’s often used to disguise malicious links without them being visible in the code. Turns out the “malicious links” were from the TNX ads I had been using. Now, TNX is a good service and it’s already paid me around five bucks, but I can’t have it scaring away people, so I ditched the TNX ads and switched to Google Ads. While they’re not as easy to style or make unobtrusive, I’ve done what I could with them, and it doesn’t look too bad. Probably won’t pay as much, but at least I can trust Google to not do anything evil to my blog.

The iPhone On Verizon

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On Tuesday, Verizon held a press conference where the Verizon iPhone was finally announced, after years of speculation. The new iPhone is nearly identical to its AT&T counterpart, save for a different antenna design and a missing SIM slot. What does this mean for AT&T customers such as myself? Better service, and hopefully cheaper monthly rates. AT&T’s going to have to start doing something to keep its customers from running to Verizon. Competition is always good for the customers though. It’ll drive both carriers to keep making improvements.

Here’s To 2011

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The year 2010 came and went, pretty fast if you ask me. It started out pretty boring and mundane as usual, but got interesting rather quickly. Within the first month of 2010, I was in a band, and had a girlfriend. A month later I had yet another band and another girlfriend named Madina, who I’ve stayed with since then. I’ve had three different jobs, left a band, joined another band, left that band, rejoined a band, played five shows, with three more to come, so I’d say I’m doing pretty well. Not so well in college, but I don’t really care all that much.

What bugs me is that it’ll take me another half a year to get used to writing 2011 instead of 2010.