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Stop Whining About The iPhone 4S

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Seriously. Apple’s following its own trend of adding a speed bump to an existing design, so I don’t see why everybody was expecting an iPhone 5. All the hype about the iPhone 5 is just that— hype. The media caught onto the rumors and propagated them to the point of everybody expecting them to be truth, but in the end they were still just rumors, albeit ones that went a bit further than previous ones, with mockups and fake cases made. And come on people, having a wedge/tapered shape would only make the iPhone look like an uglier iPod Touch, so shut up about that already. Thanks.

RIP Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, passed away today at the age of 56. The tech world has indeed lost a great man, a visionary, a marketing genius, and a passionate CEO. Continue reading

iPhone 5 Predictions [Updated]

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*Edit: Apple’s officially announced the iPhone 4S, and most of my predictions are pretty much true.*
With the Apple iPhone press conference tomorrow, the interwebs have been abuzz with rumors, fake pictures, supposed mockups, and downright fake “prototypes.” I know that I’m not strictly a tech blogger anymore, nor am I an iPhone user anymore, but my Apple fanboy interests still remain piqued. So without further ado, these are my predictions for what the iPhone will and won’t be. Continue reading

The Future of Z-Up


For those who don’t know, Z-Up is a free public file uploader I launched in mid-2008. It’s been redesigned several times throughout the years, but the idea’s remained the same. Upload a file, get a link, done. It never really got much traction amongst the public, being used mostly for uploading dicks and stick figures to forums. However, it has proved to be a useful tool for my own purposes, my own little cloud, if you will. Continue reading

Ungrateful Users

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Out of every major website, Facebook seems to have the most ungrateful, fickle users. No matter what changes Facebook makes, they’re always met with vehement criticism and hatred, often to the point of users throwing personal insults at the Facebook devs. The problem with this is that it poses a catch-22 decision for the developers. Either to a) innovate and continue to advance, while users get angered, or b) do absolutely nothing and maintain everything as is, but then risk stagnation like MySpace did. Continue reading

My Reasoning

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Consider this post to be the answer to a question that I’ve been asked countless times- “Why do you love Macs so much?” Before I answer this question, a little backstory: I haven’t been using Macs for my entire life, nor was I brought up on them. My first experience with them was in elementary school, where I first saw the then-new egg-shaped iMacs, with their clear plastic casing. Back then, I just thought they looked nice, I knew little about their OS.
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