Snow Cleanup Fail

As you all may or may not have heard, NYC got hit by a snowstorm pretty hard right after Christmas. The storm came quickly and dumped about 20 inches of snow, leaving the city stranded. Cars, buses, and above-ground subway trains were stuck in the snow, and many still remain stuck that way as of this writing. Trouble is, this is the end of the second day after the storm, I shouldn’t still be seeing streets completely unplowed at this point, especially not in NYC.

Turns out that the commissioner of the Sanitation Department went and directed most of the snow plows into Manhattan, thinking it would be the smart thing to do economically, Manhattan being the commercial center of NYC. Trouble is, he forgot that most of Manhattan’s workforce lives in either Brooklyn or Queens. Good thinking.

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  • Alec

    Hey remember that time…when L.A. got snow….that one time…..maybe….