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The Social Network Review

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Yesterday I went to go see The Social Network with my girlfriend, because we’re both addicted to Facebook, and the Facebook running through our veins compelled us to go see it. Now, my expectations for this movie were not all that high, as it’s partially a documentary based off a book written several years prior. However, the movie pleasantly surprised me with being pretty good. Read on to see my thoughts on it. It might have some spoilers in it so beware if you haven’t seen the movie yet.
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TechBase Part I: The CMS


As I’m putting “TechBase”: together, I’ll be posting about the progress here. It’ll help to keep me motivated as well as to keep the content on this blog fresh. The first part of building TechBase involved choosng a suitable CMS for it. I naturally chose “WordPress”:, as I have years of experience with it, and it’s served my needs pretty well so far. I started hacking away at a template and all, so I thought it was all going good.
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Hello TechBase


I’ve had the “” domain for years now, and I was originally not going to renew it, but I accidentally did. Since I have it, I thought I might as well do something with it. After mulling it over for a bit, I decided I was going to make a technology news site. “But aren’t there millions of tech sites out there?” you may ask, and indeed it was a very valid question that was in my head. The solution to this is not to present the content in a traditional, article-length blog way. I’ll just leave that to “Engadget”: or “TechCrunch”: Rather, I’m going to provide short commentary on tech news that I find interesting. By keeping the posts short and biased, I can make them much more frequently than a traditional blog such as this one. Think of it as an editorial for technology news. I’ve got nothing to lose, so I might as well try this.
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