TechBase Part II: Mobile Publishing

Ah finally, some more progress on “TechBase”: I already started posting on TechBase, to be able to have a decent amount of content for when it “officially” launches, and to practice using it and posting. Seeing as how tech news moves at an insanely fast pace, I have to be able to post about the latest at any given time, and I can do that with my iPhone. Now, WordPress has a native app (it’s shit, but still), whereas Chyrp doesn’t.

I tried just using mobile Safari to post, and compared to posting through the WordPress Admin UI in mobile Safari, it’s a helluva lot better in Chyrp already; but there were still some things that didn’t feel quite right. So I started Googling to find out what I needed to do to make Chyrp’s Admin UI look nicer and be more functional on my iPhone.

After about two hours of trial-and-error picking around, alternate admin stylesheets, CSS3 media queries, and a sprinkle of Javascript, I made the Admin UI look quite nice. Now even though none of you will ever see it (until I start finding additional authors, but that’s way in the future), it makes my life a lot easier. Here are two screenshots of the hot mobile UI action:

Compared to the desktop UI:

I made the tabs bigger and removed some of the padding, in order to not waste any screen real estate. All of the other pages work perfectly too. It works pretty well in portrait orientation too, even though I mostly made sure it worked in landscape, because that’s the orientation I write all of my posts in. Another reason why I really like Chyrp- you only need to change one template for all of the pages to change, unlike in WordPress, where every page and function has a separate page.

Next up is doing TechBase’s design. Even though I’ve worked on it for a little bit already, it’s still pretty dreadful. After the design’s done, I’ll work on the mobile version of the site. This is going to be quite good when it launches, I can already tell.

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