Back From DC

As with all vacations and getaways, it went by all too quickly, but I enjoyed it very much. Coming from NYC, DC surprised me in many nice ways, and I’m actually considering moving there, as it’s a very nice city with a great subway system and lower rent than NY.

I took the Bolt Bus to DC and back, and it was pretty good for what I paid. Free wifi both ways, restroom in the bus, and both times we arrived exactly on time. My only complaint was that the wifi oddly stopped working on the way back, which annoyed my girlfriend as she only has an iPod Touch (and not an iPhone, ha!). We arrived at Union Station in DC, and from there I took the metro to our hotel in Alexandria, VA. Having the hotel in Virginia was a good idea as it kept the prices low. The metro was clean and very well-designed, more so than NY’s. DC’s metro feels planned out and organized, whereas NY’s feels like an afterthought. Having full service on my iPhone underground was great too.

The first day we went to Georgetown, which felt very much like SoHo, just minus 70% of the people. We stayed in a Holiday Inn, for $67 a night, which is a pretty damn good deal. The room was nice and clean, with free HBO. The second day, we went to the Air & Space museum, and just went around the city. The third day we went up into the Washington Monument which was a pretty spectacular sight from up top. I’ll be uploading the pictures to my Flickr in a day or two.

Unlike most tourists, we didn’t load up our schedule with everything that we could possibly do, for that would make it feel less like a vacation and more like an annoying school field trip. I didn’t whore out my camera as much as I usually do, because for once I wanted to enjoy a vacation normally, not through a lens. I did use my iPhone every 30 seconds, as I had downloaded the iTrans DC app for navigation the DC Metro. I also heavily used Google Maps, Yelp, and MenuPages, all of which helped us feel like locals fairly quickly. I didn’t take my laptop in order to save weight, and I don’t regret that decision, as my iPhone did everything I needed it to do. The battery easily lasted for an entire day, with heavy app and 3G use.

The people in DC were a lot nicer than in NY, probably because there’s a lot less people in DC. NYC has millions, DC has a million at most. I rather enjoyed having some space and not being crammed into a train like a sardine. In short, I loved DC, and I’ll probably go back there in a year once again. Next up is a trip to Boston with my bros in January.

*Update:* The photos have been “posted”: to my Flickr.

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  • Paul D’Amora

    Sounds like fun. I haven’t been to DC in years, just passed through/around it. I haven’t even been to Boston recently, and I’m right near that…

  • Benny

    I was just there this summer. It’s pretty interesting re-seeing those views again, and knowing that you might of walked right where I did.