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Freebie: Sleek Navigation


While working on “TechBase”:, I spent a lot of time crafting a nice sleek nav for the site, all in CSS3. However after finishing it, I realized it looked sorely out of place with the more simplistic design I had started implementing, so I canned it. But I put so much work into it, it would be a shame to just throw it away, so I decided to give it to you guys.
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TechBase Part II: Mobile Publishing

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Ah finally, some more progress on “TechBase”: I already started posting on TechBase, to be able to have a decent amount of content for when it “officially” launches, and to practice using it and posting. Seeing as how tech news moves at an insanely fast pace, I have to be able to post about the latest at any given time, and I can do that with my iPhone. Now, WordPress has a native app (it’s shit, but still), whereas Chyrp doesn’t.
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Back From DC


As with all vacations and getaways, it went by all too quickly, but I enjoyed it very much. Coming from NYC, DC surprised me in many nice ways, and I’m actually considering moving there, as it’s a very nice city with a great subway system and lower rent than NY.
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I’m 18, Oh Yeah!

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I can be tried as an adult now, woohoo. Plus I get to vote and buy all sorts of nifty stuff, as well as being able to get tattoos without parental consent. For my 18th birthday, I’m going to Washington DC with my girlfriend for the whole weekend next week. I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures with my douchy SLR. I also registered to vote, Republican party ftw!

9.1, Yay!


I’ve finally finished DZine-Studios 9.1. As you may have noticed, it’s not that huge of a change. This release is more of an aesthetic tweak rather than a full-on redesign/restructuring. Read on to see some boring release notes on what’s changed.
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So I Got My Tumblr Suspended


Some of you may know about the Tumblr blog I run for my ranting, and all of its brilliantly controversial content. Today, I received an email that my Tumblr account has been suspended for “hate speech.” Since when does having an opinion make something hateful? I emailed them back, hopefully I’ll at least be able to export my posts and find a better blogging service or make my own. Funny how they close their eyes to blogs full of pornographic content, but the minute I start making some posts about right-wing beliefs and such, they lock my account.
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