Outdated But Still Effective

I used to wonder who in the world still used Windows DOS anymore. Well in my past and current jobs I’ve seen it being used in a number of places where you wouldn’t expect to see it. It’s used in McDonald’s and Burger King, as well as for telemarketing. In fast food places, the cash registers and order screens are all based on it. In telemarketing, DOS is used to display the scripts as well as for inputting information. At first I was struck by the thought “wow this shit’s outdated…”

However, as I worked in those environments, I came upon the realization that the reason some businesses haven’t upgraded from DOS is because it simply works. It doesn’t require a powerful computer, is very reliable, and workers can’t waste their time playing solitaire— because the systems only do one thing. For entering textual information, there just isn’t a better way than DOS. I spent a bit of time thinking about “better” solutions, and I honestly couldn’t think of any. Mac OS X and Windows are good for a multitude of uses, but when it comes to single-purpose machines, DOS is still relevant.

Plus, using a command line in DOS at work makes me feel all 1337.