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Outdated But Still Effective

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I used to wonder who in the world still used Windows DOS anymore. Well in my past and current jobs I’ve seen it being used in a number of places where you wouldn’t expect to see it. It’s used in McDonald’s and Burger King, as well as for telemarketing. In fast food places, the cash registers and order screens are all based on it. In telemarketing, DOS is used to display the scripts as well as for inputting information. At first I was struck by the thought “wow this shit’s outdated…”
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Hooray For America?

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So today’s Independence Day here in the US. It feels a little odd to be celebrating America when our president *isn’t even close to being American*. Personally, this holiday meant a lot more to me back when America was better, and not overrun by these liberal assholes.

The fourth of July has pretty much become “grill and get drunk day,” but hey at least the fireworks promise to be _somewhat_ entertaining.

Typing this on my iPod Touch in the WordPress app while sitting in Hudson River Park with my girlfriend napping on my lap. Yay for free wifi.

Call Me Old Fashioned, But..


I’m sticking with using my own, self-hosted WordPress-based blog. All the youngsters and “even”: “some”: professionals have gone over to microblogging, with services like Tumblr. Sure, it may be convenient (having the whole theme in one .html file sounds extremely tempting), but it doesn’t give me that same satisfaction I get from running everything on my own server. Plus with WordPress, I can completely change anything I want, even on the backend.



It’s a word that conjures up images of torture, sweat, and boredom. And it’s more complicated than ever now. Apparently exercises now have levels, breaks, rest days, and sets. Almost sounds like a bad video game.

I have a better idea for all those exercise fanatics out there— go to the nearest ghetto, shout a racial slur as loud as you possibly can, and run as fast as your lard legs will take you. While being shot at by dozens of angry ghetto people, weight loss will quickly disappear as a concern. Luckily for me, I never have to deal with it, because I can eat fast food all I want and still stay in my weight.