So apparently this is the new design of all new plates registered in NY state:

Not only does the new plate design look remarkably similar in color to several other states’ designs, it’s also fucking ugly as shit, with a color scheme that’ll clash with any car color. C’mon NY, are we too broke to even afford a decent graphic designer? So far in 2010 I’ve filled your pockets with about $250 in fines, surely you could afford a better designer. Oh wait you’re all too busy pissing our money away on lap dances and hookers.

Posted in Rant
  • Jon

    IMO all american number plates look disgusting.

  • Paul D’Amora

    It’s a license plate, who give a fuck?
    Having a brand spankin’ new license plate won’t make your moms minivan look any nicer.

  • Dan

    Well I care, it makes cars look bad and just sticks out disgustingly. As a designer I cannot tolerate bad design, whether online or in real life.

  • Tim

    As a car lover I find that design an abomination and would make any decent car ugly shit.

  • Mike

    Hahaha that’s horrible

    I like Ohio’s:

  • Pontus

    Wow, that is just horrible. Why don’t they just go with a simple black and white one that’ll go with any car?