Anonymously Degenerating

Now the internet has come up with several stupid trends before (streaming every second of your life on camera, updating the internet about your bowel movements, etc.), but this one takes the cake in all-out stupidity and senselessness. The trend I’m talking about is anonymous. It first got major in anonymous forums such as 4chan, but now it’s grown to be quite widespread.

You have websites like Omegle, Chatroullette, and Post Secrets, where you can talk to random people, webcam with random people, and share your secrets with random people. What they all have in common is anonymity, as well as pointlessness. I don’t see the appeal in talking to complete strangers, especially on webcam. What’s worse is that Chatroullette is full of douches and morons jerking off on camera. Nobody needs to see that.

What happened to actually going outside and socializing with _real_ people? The internet’s great and all, but c’mon people, we’ve got to draw the line somewhere. What’s also fucked up is that people use these anonymous online services to harass people, whether it be verbally or sexually. They do it because they know that there’s little risk of getting in any trouble. Just curse the other guy out and click next, that’s what it’s all become. This has spawned a whole new generation of internet shit-talkers, who act all high and mighty behind the computer but are total pussies in real life. *Go outside and talk to real people, you spineless cunts.*

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  • Paul D’Amora

    It’s funny how you’re posting this to be read by complete strangers when you could be outside.

    Nah, I see your point and agree completely.