A World Without AP Classes…

Would be so much better. High school is a time for relaxation and growing up, not for working your ass off. Advanced Placement (AP) classes offer college credits in exchange for giving up most of your social life, free time, and sleep. Doesn’t seem like a very good deal to me, I still don’t get why people willingly take them…

Some people take more than one, crazy bastards. They don’t know what they’re getting themselves into. It’s also hilarious to see people throw fits when they find out that their college of choice doesn’t even accept the AP credits that they slaved over. So here’s my proposal to high schools: *kill the AP classes*. Don’t even offer them as an option, or at least restrict it to *one* AP class per school year. The benefits:

* The entire school body would be more relaxed. Students wouldn’t be under so much pressure, and teachers wouldn’t be under so much pressure to prepare the students.
* Trees would be saved, no need to print out those thick-as-fuck AP review books or AP exams.
* Schools would have higher average GPA’s, because easier classes = better grades.
* Overachievers would be forced to chill the fuck out and enjoy life while they still can.
* Teens would grow up to be more interesting individuals. Easy classes means more free time, which leads to having hobbies and interests outside of school.

My school’s already considering putting a limit of two AP classes per year on students, because as much as students think they can handle numerous AP classes, *they can’t*.

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  • http://net-cake.com Paul D’Amora

    It’s all about setting yourself above the rest of the kids. If you can handle 5 AP classes, then you’re ahead of most of your school and have a better chance of getting into the colleges you want.

  • http://dzine-studios.com Dan

    Well most people can’t handle 5 AP classes, or even 2 AP classes for that matter. Yes there may be a few that can indeed handle that workload, but they should go to a specialized high school for smart kids instead. And having a ton of AP classes doesn’t mean you’re that ahead… the classes aren’t all that hard, they just have a ton more homework. Plus I got into the good college I wanted to get into, without any AP classes.

  • http://slantedmndz.com Alec

    What college?

  • Trollington

    Ahhh, didin’t say what college! Probably ASU.