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So apparently this is the new design of all new plates registered in NY state:

Not only does the new plate design look remarkably similar in color to several other states’ designs, it’s also fucking ugly as shit, with a color scheme that’ll clash with any car color. C’mon NY, are we too broke to even afford a decent graphic designer? So far in 2010 I’ve filled your pockets with about $250 in fines, surely you could afford a better designer. Oh wait you’re all too busy pissing our money away on lap dances and hookers.

Anonymously Degenerating

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Now the internet has come up with several stupid trends before (streaming every second of your life on camera, updating the internet about your bowel movements, etc.), but this one takes the cake in all-out stupidity and senselessness. The trend I’m talking about is anonymous. It first got major in anonymous forums such as 4chan, but now it’s grown to be quite widespread.
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Piracy Cannot, And Should Not, Be Stopped


On April 12, 2010, Parliament (UK) passed a bill to “help protect copyright online and increase regulation and control of the way people use the Internet.” It’s set to go into effect on June 12, 2010. How does this affect us in the United States? Simple, if a developed, modern country passes and implements a law controlling the internet, other countries will follow with their own legislation. “Repeat offenders” will have their internet cut off by their ISP‘s, for an indefinite period of time. This is just another sad attempt by the entertainment industry to stop piracy.
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A World Without AP Classes…


Would be so much better. High school is a time for relaxation and growing up, not for working your ass off. Advanced Placement (AP) classes offer college credits in exchange for giving up most of your social life, free time, and sleep. Doesn’t seem like a very good deal to me, I still don’t get why people willingly take them…
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