Digital Media FTW

Now that we’re safely in the digital age, some people still choose to cling to physical media, such as books, CD’s, cassettes, and vinyls. To hell with that. There’s no point in clinging to the past.

I honestly don’t see the appeal in cassettes or vinyls, with mp3’s so widely available, and for free. Can’t exactly pirate a vinyl, now can you? Does it make you feel special to have an outdated piece of trash sitting on your bookshelf? Keeping all this old stuff is akin to keeping an old pizza because you loved how it tasted a couple years ago.

Now with the arrival of the iPad and Kindle, some people are worried about what may happen to physical books. Well they can disappear for all I care. So what if paper’s been around for thousands of years? I know I won’t miss it at all. *Out with the old, in with the new.*

Do note that this post is coming from the biased viewpoint of a modern, new-up-to-the-minute dude.

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  • Alec

    Nothing beats the sound of Vinyl or the smell and feel of a book.

    “Without a physical book, it’s really hard to show people how much better I am than they are, I don’t actually want to read Ulysses; I just want people to think I have.

    And what about coffee table talking pieces? I need an actual physical book to help start my conversations. ”

  • Madina

    Some people are more sentimental rather than realistic/up to date. They keep their vinyls and cassettes to bring back fond memories of when they first got it or who gave it to them.

    Physical books mean physical memory as does any material possession. People will keep their books because hell, it’s at your fingertips too but it doesn’t require a charged battery to use.

  • Dan

    @Alec: Is there any real proof that vinyls sound better? And you can feel just as high-and-mighty with a kindle or iPad on your coffee table.

    @Madina: I have some CD’s given to me by friends, but that doesn’t make them special or anything. I don’t read books that much, nor do I ever get a sudden craving to read, so e-books would suit me fine. Plus I never re-read any books, so it’s pointless to keep them. I have a whole bookshelf of books that I haven’t touched in years :P

  • Alec

    I personally love the sound of Vinyls. I love that you can hear the imperfections and the scratches.

  • Dan

    I can’t stand imperfections in music. I like my music to be overproduced and crystal-clear, with no skips or flaws.

  • Alec

    Well I can’t stand little kids. So take that.